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Years of experience
makes us the best

Tobey Hunter


An expert in pollution reduction tools and technologies, Tobey oversees the content and quality-checks products and information to assure readers are provided the knowledge and help they seek.

Beth Wilhelm


With over 10 years of experience in selling air purifiers, Beth is a knowledgeable reviewer who has valuable input to offer regarding the products and technologies analyzed in our articles.

Abel Tusk


His determination to research thoroughly makes Abel a valuable part of the team. Air pollution is his main area of expertise, which is seen in the quality content produced regarding this topic.

Jennifer Alton

Web Designer

Responsible with the design and layout of the website to make it as user-friendly as possible, Jennifer strives to assure you have a pleasant experience scrolling through the content on P2Rx™.

What is P2Rx™?

P2Rx™, short for Pollution Prevention Resource Exchange, is a website dedicated to pollution impact and analysis, as well as the study and comparison of different solutions that consumers can access to solve this pressing issue in their homes and offices. The team that works on this website is composed of people who have experience in the field of air quality and whose input can prove valuable for interested readers.

P2Rx™ Mission

Our mission here at P2Rx™ is to provide readers with articles filled with information that can make a difference in life quality improvement through indoor air pollution reduction tactics, tips, and specialized products. Every article is well researched and the info comes either from personal experience or experts who are contacted for professional input.

P2Rx™ Goals

• Shed light on the topic of pollution and how it affects our lives;
• Provide reliable pollution prevention advice;
• Increase awareness regarding negatively influential practices that impact air and water quality;
• Evaluate tools that help people reduce indoor pollution for life quality improvement.

How P2Rx™ Came to Be

Raising awareness in regards to the topic of pollution is what drives us at P2Rx™ to provide readers with related informative pieces. The website came to fruition as a result of the personal ambition of the founders to make a difference toward saving the planet and helping interested people live a healthier life by approaching the subject of contamination reduction, offering solutions to this pressing issue.

What Does Pollution Affect?

Regardless of the type of pollution in discussion, whether it is water, air, or ground pollution, it affects all living things, humans, animals, and plants. Woefully, with modernization and the advancement of technology came new issues and bad practices that have led to the worrying situation we are in. Climate change, the thinning of the ozone layer, the disappearance of varied species, these are all the result of pollution.

There are practices set in place by governments to control and reduce pollution levels, but without all of us getting involved and playing an active role, the results for these efforts will be delayed, or worse, won’t ever reach their potential. What we propose to our readers, aside from making efforts to reduce pollution if they are at fault for it, are solutions to diminish contamination levels indoors through the use of specialty equipment and technologies.

Can You Make a Difference?

Yes, each of us plays an important role in the amplification or reduction of pollution. As individuals, the habitat we affect most is that of our homes and workplaces, but the cars we drive, tools we use, food we eat, basically everything we do also takes a toll on outdoor pollution levels. It is up to each and every one of us to change our habits and perspectives to save our planet before it’s too late!

We at P2Rx™ are here to give you a helping hand in this direction through the articles we put together and periodically update to make sure the information applies with the latest advancements and changes. Aside from helping readers better understand the topic of pollution prevention, we provide solutions for contamination that interested folks can easily access to actively make a difference in their lives.

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