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Does Alkaline Water Help Lose Weight?

Thirsty Woman Drinking a Glass of Alkaline Water

Thirsty Woman Drinking a Glass of Alkaline Water

F ighting extra pounds isn’t an easy job, so you will need any help you can get. While some people use supplements to boost their metabolism or cut their cravings, this is surely not the ideal way to do it. First of all, most of these pills have little or no effect, and secondly, some of them contain harmful substances that may actually mess with the metabolism and lead to faster weight gain when the treatment is over.

What most people forget is that the best supplement for weight loss is at hand and doesn’t cost tens to hundreds of dollars. Plus, it is healthy and has the freshest taste in the world. Yes, we are talking about water, the best source of hydration you could find in nature, which has recently been improved through an ionization procedure that makes it more basic and increases its ability to hydrate cells.

So, if you are on your way to becoming fit again or trying to maintain yourself healthy and thin, you should consider consuming lots of water, alkaline water for the best results. We will explain in this article how it can help you burn fat.

Make your own healthy water at home through one of the easiest methods. Check out our best-rated under-sink water ionizers and make sure the water you drink is properly filtered but still rich in minerals.

Thirsty Woman Drinking a Glass of Alkaline Water

Thirsty Woman Drinking a Glass of Alkaline Water

How Is Alkaline Water Different from Tap Water?

Both tap water and alkaline water are considered safe and will help you maintain your body hydrated. But the main difference between them is the pH level. Tap water can have a variable pH depending on the substances that mix with the water. If it isn’t properly filtered, it can retain contaminants from the source and even be dangerous for your health. However, in many cases, the municipal filtering system is performant enough to ensure that the water is safe to drink. The pH will remain around 7, so the water will be either slightly acidic or slightly basic, the second variant being more common.

Alkaline water has a higher pH, with values that stay around 8 and 9. It can be found in nature or produced at home through ionization. If you choose to drink water obtained through this method, you will receive extra-filtering, as most ionizers offer a complex system of filters that retain impurities but leave minerals like magnesium, potassium, and calcium pass. The minerals are in charge with raising the pH, and they are highly important as they cater to the organism’s needs.

See Bawell Platinum Water Ionizer and discover how to make water odor and taste-free. The granular activated carbon filter will make the water taste better so you can enjoy it and drink more.

How Can High-pH Water Help Fight Extra Pounds?

If you are trying to lose weight, you must understand that your body and brain will go through temporary stress as they need to adjust to your new diet and routine. So, the best you can do is try to keep them healthy and hydrated. And stick to your plan. Your body will eventually get accustomed to your healthier lifestyle, and it will actually become less stressed as it will have to work less to maintain the organs working properly. So, here’s how alkaline water can help you fulfill your goals:

It reduces your cravings

Do you feel like you couldn’t last one moment more without chocolate? Does a portion of french fries sound heavenly at only 20 minutes since you’ve eaten your healthy lunch? Try drinking a glass of water or two. You may actually be thirsty and not hungry. Your body tends to mistake thirst for hunger, and this is how you end up with some extra pounds. This is, in fact, how you have reached in the position of needing to lose weight. So, remember! Pour yourself a large glass of alkaline water every time your cravings tempt you, and you may avoid unnecessary and unhealthy snacks.

It’s best to have your water at hand, otherwise you may end up snacking to escape the discomfort caused by thirst. Buy yourself a reusable bottle and fill it with high-pH water every morning before going to work. Or check our top-rated alkaline water sticks and transform tap water into alkaline every time thirst is suggesting you to grab a pretzel.

It makes you feel full

Pour yourself a large glass of water thirty minutes before every meal. It takes the brain 20 minutes to process the information that the stomach is full, so when you will sit at the table, you will already feel half full and eat less. At the same time, you could try to eat slower to give your brain time to find out that you are filling your stomach with food. Moreover, make sure that the water is cool, as studies showed that cool water reduces hunger better than room-temperature or warm water.

If you are looking for a compact solution to filter and alkalinize tap water, check out Tyent UCE-11. It is an under-sink water ionizer that will surprise you through its slim design and first-rate filtering capabilities.

It speeds up your metabolism

If your body is well-hydrated it can work faster, and all the processes will take place more smoothly. Cool alkaline water is known for speeding up digestion. Thus, all the aliments are processed in a short time after they have been ingested, and the waste is eliminated. Fat deposits don’t have time to form and digestive problems that can lead to bloating are overcomed. Plus, as the organism needs first to heat the cold water, it will consume some of the calories you’ve ingested and fewer of them will go to your hips.

Discover the health benefits of high-pH water in our article here. The more you find out about this product the betters you can assess if it is a good choice for you.

Woman Rehydrating with Alkaline Water After Workout

Woman Rehydrating with Alkaline Water After Workout

It helps you rehydrate faster

Compared to regular water, high-pH water makes you hydrate faster. This means that it reduces blood viscosity and helps your heart work better. As the heart doesn’t need to struggle to pump thick blood, you will breathe better and be able to stand prolonged effort. This means that, at the gym, you will be able to stand through the whole fitness session or run a longer distance in the park, and this performance will soon reflect on your body’s weight, which will become lower and lower.

It improves your muscular functions

It helps eliminate the lactic acid in the muscles and makes recovery faster. Once again, this will help you resist to longer training sessions without then going through excruciating pain. And the next day you can start with some light exercises to warm up your muscles and begin training again. Nevertheless, you should remember to drink enough water when you start your exercises, during the exercises, and at the end of the training program.

Find a good water pitcher among our selection and start making heavenly-tasting alkaline water at home. This is a portable solution that can accompany you in your travels so you can stay healthy and fit every day of the year.

Are There Any Drawbacks?

Drinking high-pH water regularly will not do you any harm as long as you check that the pH remains around 8 to 9 and the doctor doesn’t forbid it. Only when the pH is too high it can mess with your stomach’s acidity and allow some bacteria to pass in your bowels, but the stomach is strong enough to bounce back pretty quickly. Nevertheless, if this unbalance continues for one reason or another, it will lead to intestinal infections.

Can alkaline water make you sick? Find out more about this subject in our article. A complete analysis of the drawbacks and benefits will allow you to see the big picture.

Should You Buy a Water Ionizer?

Now that we have established that alkaline water included in your diet can help you lose extra pounds, it is of great importance to determine how much this will cost you. The answer is probably less than good diet pills, assuming that you decide to purchase it bottled from the store. However, we must admit that this is not the most eco-friendly choice, as a high quantity of plastic will end up in oceans and lakes, increasing pollution.

On the other hand, you could choose to make your alkaline water at home and a good water ionizer will be your best friend in this case. A machine of this type will not only increase the pH, allowing you to obtain high-pH water but will, in most cases, come with a high-end filtering system which will integrate an activated carbon filter, designed to remove smell and bad taste.

Check out our first-rated water ionizers if you are looking to save some money while remaining healthy and hydrated. The initial investment will soon pay off as these devices don’t need external substances to increase the pH and are known to be energy-effective.

The Bottom Line

Staying fit will help you feel better and enjoy life to the fullest while staying hydrated will ensure that all of your organs are working properly and aren’t over solicited. In the process of escaping extra pounds, water plays an essential role, along with a healthy diet, and regular exercise. As shown, plain water is safe and suitable, but alkaline water is better at keeping the body hydrated and improving muscular recovery. Plus, most people say it tastes great, so you will be drinking it more for pleasure than need.

Beth Wilhelm
Beth Wilhelm
Beth is the team’s reviewer, her 10-year experience selling air purifiers in her home town making her the go-to for everything related to the topic. Beth has been battling allergies for most of her life, relying on air purification tools for home and office use to atone symptoms, so her content is often based on personal experience. Just like the rest of the team, she values content quality and takes the needed time when writing articles to make sure readers receive the information they seek.

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